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credit: NASA

Thanks to Hyperbola reader Dwayne Day you can watch a 3h Lunar Exploration industry briefing day video with presentations by the leadership of NASA’s Constellation programme, its manager Jeffrey Hanley, its Ares project office manager Steve Cook, its Altair lunar lander project office’s deputy manager Clinton Dorris and then Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) deputy associate administrator (AA), and now the ESMD AA, Doug Cooke

Watch the video hereAt 2h 6min 15s Hanley is asked about putting the Orion crew exploration vehicle on Ares V

He says, “Well wouldn’t that be fun. [we] don’t preclude humans fltying on Ares V and…we are not planning to human rate Ares V but we want to know what the deltas would be, engineering wise, to get to a human qualified Ares V…the RS-68s are not human rated today..[but]…it is not out of the question.”

Steve Cook is also asked to address this question and he says that the 1.5 launch approach using Ares I crew launch vehicle was deemed far safer