Watch part of president Barack Obama’s speech in the video above. For the second and third parts of this speech go here and here. For more coverage of Obama’s visit to Kennedy Space Center yesterday see below and in the extended portion of this blog post. Find here NASA’s special web page about Obama’s visit and watch here the agency’s video of his speech

MSNBC video

CNN video video

Go here for a video report about the Apollo astronauts who oppose Obama’s plan and this report highlights a 200-person protest (apparently tea party linked) held near to the Center

Watch comments made by Democratic party Florida Senator Bill Nelson and NASA administrator Charles Bolden in the video above

And in this Fox News report the discussion is remarkably calm considering this news channel’s tendency to sensationalise and dress up opinion as fact

While below you can watch CNN Student News’ report about the Obama visit, and apparently “Fridays are awesome”

For an international point of view here is Russia Today’s report on the visit
Go here for Kennedy Space Center’s Youtube page for videos of Air Force One’s arrival and departure