At 5min 50s into this 10min 53s Federal Space Agency video produced for MAKS 2009 there are details of the new Vostochny cosmodrome that is to be built in Russia’s far eastern Amur region. This segment also shows a video of an Advanced Crew Vehicle spacecraft concept that has been seen previously and follows this with a CGI video of the new common core booster Angara rocket family. Then there is information on the new Samara Space Center Soyuz, the Soyuz 2-3 which appears to give a 2011 first flight date

Roscosmostv’s Youtube page can be found here. Videos of note include this one about the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS, all in English and if you’re Russian is very good here is an 11min 30s interview with Roscosmos head Anatoly Perminov about Advanced Crew Vehicle