VIDEO: Senator LeMieux and others keep NASA potato hot

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More Congressional NASA hearing fun has reached Youtube and here Republican party Florida senator George LeMieux questions NASA administrator Charles Bolden during the recent Commerce, Science, and Transportation Senate Subcommittee hearing about the agency’s fiscal year 2011 budget proposal

Jeff Foust’s has links to previous reports about the ongoing political debate over NASA, while Congressman Senator Richard Shelby is admitting there will be a fight for votes, as does NASAWatch which links to reports from the space states

Meanwhile the Space Shutle programme is letting it be known what the reality is of continuing use of the world’s only reusable spacecraft

And the anti-Obama space plan rhetoric gets louder with a growing number of op-eds and space history experts and even Apollo astronauts coming out against the flexible path vision

This report makes you wonder if Obama will face a Tea party death panel like protest response to his forthcoming 15 April Florida space summit but Fox news does not appear to have decided to back the anti-flexible path coalition yet

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