Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Enterprise could make its first flight today, this morning California time, attached to its carrier aircraft WhiteKnight Two, aka Virgin MotherShip (VMS) Eve, if rumours reaching Hyperbola are true – multiple sources have contacted Hyperbola citing preparations and naming today as the expected first attempt

Already seen last week with aerodynamic testing tufts attached to its fuselage the rocket glider SS2 will undergo captive carry flights for the rest of this year with its first air launch drop for a glide return to a Mojave air and spaceport’s runway possible by year’s end

SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnight Two developer Scaled Composites has posted results from two WK2 flights made earlier this year, 28 January and 4 March, on its website

If any Mojave residents wish to provide Hyperbola with photos and or video (preferably video) of today’s WK2-SS2 take-off and flight then feel free to email me and I can provide further details. This blog does not need minutes of video, <60 seconds is enough but it will be needed quickly