Will the June 2011 deadline for a 2013 private Soyuz flight be met?

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Hyperbola recently asked Space Adventures some questions by email about this proposed private Soyuz flight to the International Space Station (ISS). Interestingly although space tourist Richard Garriott, a co-founder of the company, wants to go back to the ISS he told Hyperbola that he did not expect to be one of the customers for the private Soyuz flight; which Flightglobal first reported on in July 2003. Yes that date is 2000 and three

At the Paris air show last month the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov said that Roscosmos would not “abandon space tourism” but he indicated that it would be many years after the September flight of Guy Laliberté before another ISS visit would take place. On the other hand, if Japan’s HTV resupply vehicle fails during its mission this September there may need to be a reduction in ISS crew size, at which point Space Adventures is back in business

As you will read below, with a minimum 30 month lead time between ordering the rocket and spacecraft and the mission, to send two tourists to ISS by the end of the latest target date of 2013, a deal has to be done by June 2011. Below and in the extended portion of this blog post are the questions and answers from Space Adventures chief executive Eric Anderson

1 How are you marketing such a mission?

We are discussing the opportunity with various individuals and corporations around the globe.

2 What is the seat price for such a trip? How do you calculate that?

2 What is the seat price for such a trip? How do you calculate that?

The pricing for the mission depends on various factors and timing considerations. As you may expect, the pricing for Soyuz flight opportunities is rising substantially.

3 How long is the trip? How could the pre-flight training differ?

That will be determined according to various factors, customer requirements and ISS partner approvals.

4 Could you stay longer on station with such a trip compared to tourist visits to date?

Yes, such a possibility exists.

2 Have any cosmonaut Soyuz commanders expressed an interest in being the pilot for the mission?


3 what is the lead time between ordering a private Samara Soyuz rocket and its delivery to Baikonur?

Approximately 30-36 months.

4 what is the lead time between ordering a private Energia Soyuz spacecraft and its delivery to Baikonur?

Approximately 30-36 months.

5 what led to the private launch date change from 2012 to 2013?

The launch will occur approximately 30-36 months from when the final rocket order takes place.

6 could the Soyuz spacecraft used be the updated version of the TMA type currently flying?


7 have you spoken to NASA about their mission control requirements regarding a private flight to ISS?

Yes, but such details are coordinated through Roscosmos as the sponsoring agency for this type of mission.

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